" An Old Valentine (for class at CSU) "

An Old Valentine

I reached inside the closet

For the Valentine I'd left,

With probing fingers searching,

To take it from the shelf.

A framed familiar image

There smiled right back at me.

It took my breath to see that face,

The pain then flooded free.

They say that time can heal it,

This ache inside my chest.

I've tried so hard to carry on,

I've really done my best.

His love was like a firebrand

That heated up my world.

When death took him, it took my heat

And winter's cold unfurled.

The Valentine is yellowed.

The paper stiff with age.

The message that he penned there

Makes sorrow through me rage.

It still seems all so fresh now,

Though years have taken toll.

The embers of our love remain

And NEVER will grow cold.

I know I'm getting better.

Some days I leave my room.

Some mornings sunshine warms me,

And chases out the gloom.

The calendar shows springtime

Will soon be here to call.

Those icy days should leave me.

I won't mind that at all.

I wonder if I'll see it...

A time when I can sigh,

And look, Love, at your picture,

Then kiss your face goodbye.

Time itself will tell me,

So slow and filled with chill.

How long shall last my love, Dear?

Forevermore it will.

The painting above is by Steve Hanks.  To see more of his work click the artist's pallette.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a class assignment for CSU, so how'd I do?

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Lesa Gay's picture

Jessica, if this does not desearve an A+ I don't know what does.

I have ended my journey of tears with you this morning.

I am so, so, sorry Jessica for your loss.

Please, keep in touch with me.