" He Made 100% On The Test"

He Made 100% On The Test

A friend of mine, a science teacher,

Presented class with test.

“Give seven reasons ‘mother’s milk’

For babes is still the best.”

One kid in all the classes there

Gave seven reasons why.

I read the answers every one,

And laughed until I cried.

ONE- All the antibodies work

To keep the baby well.

TWO- Temperature is always right

And so the kid won’t yell.

THREE- No one has to run to stores.

Convenience--always there.

FOUR- Makes the baby bond to mom.

He knows she gives him care..

FIVE- The kid will tolerate

The milk his mother gives.

SIX- It’s much more nourishing

And so the baby lives.

But SEVEN was the best of all

And came without disclaimer.

“And last I’ll add it comes prepacked

In all those cute containers.”

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MaryCannon Apodaca's picture

Very Clever.. Loved the poem...


Heather Ewoldsen White's picture

I really liked this. It made me laugh:)

kat's picture

Oh how terribly cute! I really liked this one.....even read it to Maggie!