" Nobody's Baby "

Nobody's Baby

I thought about his hugs all week.

Fatigue would lessen then.

Anticipation kept me strong,

Gave me that "second wind".

The thrill of hearing his sweet voice

Call out my name in joy,

The love I feel when he is near,

I know I'm just his toy.

I'm wrapped around his finger--tight!

He wiggles and I move.

I miss him every waking hour.

The ache inside is proof.

I worked SO HARD this week somehow

Assuring time for playing.

Yet now I find I'm left alone.

My grandson isn't staying.

I've had bronchitis off and on,

Since mid October now.

He hasn't seen me for long weeks,

He wonders why, I vow.

His mom knew I would come today.

She knew it Tuesday night.

But she had said she'd show me what,

I guess that she was right.

Nobody home, and she was gone

To eat with her young man.

While Austin stayed with someone else.

I just don't understand.

She has no thought of doing right

If she could steal this time.

When I would treasure him with love,

For after all he's MINE!

I drove a hundred miles and more,

To bring him home with me.

The plans I made with love and care

Are destined NOT to be.

She drops him off with anyone

Who'll take him for a while.

Yet here am I.  I love him so!

And yearn across the miles.

She's showing me who's boss today.

She said she'd do just that.

She doesn't know control it took,

Not to knock her smart butt flat.

He loves the stories that I tell,

And cuddling in my chair.

He talks with me and tells me things,

I'll bet she's never shared.

It's hard to listen on the phone,

"Tum dit me, Nana, PWEEZE!"

I'd almost crawl to reach him there

And beg on bended knees.

He has no one in this big world

Who treasures him in love.

He's tossed about from friend to foe,

Lord, listen from above.

Take that precious little boy

Into your loving hands,

And keep him safe and hold him close,

Until we meet again.

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kiwi's picture

This was a poem that really

This was a poem that really touched me. I have a little granddaughter that I have been prevented from seeing. I hope your grandson has grown up having contact and love from you. It is a heart-wrenching thing to be kept away from a loved child.

Smile.. it is the cheapest facelift.

Heather Ewoldsen White's picture

This poem is heart wrenching. I pray for God to keep your grandson safe.

kat's picture

I just KNEW I was gonna find something new after the week you've had. Its another good poem, as usual.....so sorry it had to be concerning a problem with Austin. I know he must have been dying to come to Nana's this weekend. But, if all worked out, you're snuggling up to him right now. I hope.

Take care,