Our Pastor

Sometimes in life our lot is hard,

And dreams come tumbling down.

We carry burdens, heavy loads,

That crush us to the ground.

In Jesus we have come to rest

To ease our minds a while,

To gather strength, to heal our wounds,

And walk another mile.

I thank God, in His Wisdom,

That he had a higher plan,

He knew we mortals would need care,

From gentle human hands.

So He reached down and called a soul,

To set himself apart.

To study scripture, pray for us,

And bare a Servant's Heart.

He called so many mortal men,

And yet, so few did come.

Praise God!  The few were dedicated.

Pastor Keith was one!

He stands by us when times are hard,

And we don't understand.

God gave us Keith to comfort us,

With a warm and mortal hand.

He brings a smile when we are sad,

He mourns when we have loss.

Admonishing, he brings the Word,

And tells us, "Count the cost!"

Our God has never failed us yet,

He has the Master Plan.

He gives us love with human help,

Through a Godly pastor's hands.

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Very nicely said.
Good to see you posting something new too!