The Vamp In Me

The Vamp In Me

I leave the workplace far behind,

And drive on toward my home.

I'm tired and weekend ready.

My mind begins to roam.

I think how you ensnared my waist

This morning as I left.

"Hurry home tonight," you said.

"I'll do the same myself."

A sudden burst of energy

Pervades my weary bones!

The warmth of expectation

Reminds me, "Hurry home!"

I laugh now, feeling giddy,

The heat expands degrees.

I rush to take a long hot bath,

Let muscle tension ease.

One look, one thought, one hint from you

Has my heart skipping beats.

You'll see how I'm affected,

When you meet the VAMP IN ME!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a picture challenge poem.  To see the challenger's poem with the same picture click here:

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kat's picture

Very good! Who would have guessed the different directions we'd take
with both of us writing about the same picture. I enjoyed this challenge...
we'll have to do it again. I'm gonna have to search thru my pics for
something inspirational!

word_man's picture

And it was a great poem too


ron parrish

word_man's picture

Ilove the way you do your poems
i need to learn how


ron parrish