Two Hearts On A Tree

Two Hearts On A Tree

Do you ever think of all the earlier times we spent together?

Do you remember that beautiful day in April of 1965?

Can you see it?  That pasture rolling across the landscape from your grandma's house?

I never see peach blossoms that I don't think of that day and that hour.

Remember the letter you had gotten that week?

The one from Uncle Sam?

I knew about it but my heart was so grieved I just kept silent and waited.

Do you ever think of that field where all those peach trees colored the new green of the grass?

Remember?  You held my hand and helped me through the barbwire in my new Sunday dress.

We walked together through the dew-damp weeds quietly holding hands.

All those lovely blossoms and bees darting to and fro...

You took your knife from your pocket and I thought you were going to lop off a limb so I grabbed your arm.

You just looked into my eyes and started carving two hearts on a tree.

Do you ever think of those hearts?

I do.

I wonder sometimes if they are still there

Of if

They, like we have grown together until nothing is left but scars.

It was such a beautiful, sunny, clear day, and all the world lay before us......


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beautiful, simply beautiful