I stayed at home all by myself.

I shut all others out.

I made that choice in self-defense,

Divorced then from a lout.

I thought that I could leave behind

The pain and bitterness.

So built a wall to keep out hurt.

No worry then no mess.

I bought myself a nice machine

To surf the internet.

Behind that wall where no one came

As safe as I could get.

There in that place where I would heal

I found a pen pal site.

I placed my name, email address,

And waited for a bite.

I only wanted friendship there

with miles between for peace.

I never wanted one thing more

Than loneliness to ease.

Then somehow, miracle of life,

You wrote to me one day,

And all the gloom behind the wall

Was taken quite away.

I hope that you are reading this

Lo, these months gone by,

And understand that as YOUR friend,

I never once did lie.

I'll miss you as the days shall pass,

Your mem'ry standing tall.

But I'll be busy mending dreams,

And resurrecting walls.


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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

cool piece love it, like the background and pic and music too . Reallynice...

Ernest Bevans's picture

Robert Frost said in "the mending wall"
"good fences builds good neighbors"
I experience a great deal of sadness
from this poem. Still, i know that
like the "Berlin Wall", eventually
they are torn down after they have served
their useful purpose of keeping the
wolf's at bay. Keep Writing!

kat's picture

Are we leading dual lives? This reminds me of my own 'Walls', which I know you've read.
Hw do we get mixed up in these situations? Better luck in better days, I hope. Good job, Jess.
A side note:
It matters not how many doors are in a wall. If no one knocks or enters in,
it's just another piece of the wall.
Doors often close when that cold wind chills the heart, eh?

TREXPATTON's picture

'Walls' have openings called 'doors' ; I have not closed mine. Who has made you close yours?

"Poe" I'm not, nor "Rich" am I,
but I'll be famous, b'ye and b'ye !