What If I Am?

What If I Am?

You came home drunk again this morning.

The long dark night had been far gone.

I'd walked the length of floor and porch

And prayed for you until the dawn.

Why do you leave us here to ramble

Through the lowest dives and bars?

We could be sitting here all cuddled

In our porch swing counting stars.

I asked if  you were drunk, fool me.

And you said, "Well, What if I am?"

Your speech was slurred your steps unsure.

I stepped outside at the truck door's slam.

So hostile in your arguments!

Quite mean and so belligerent.

Do you not know the one who loves

You truest is whose heart you've rent?

"What if I am?" you spat at me

As if I had no right to cry.

You'd better watch out what you say

Or those same words will make you sigh.

Maybe one day when I'm gone

Because I cannot take this scene.

You'll ask me if I'm really sure.

"What if I am?"  I'll say and mean.

What if I am the one who prays

The one who cares, the one who stays?

What if I am the fool right now?

While you're the one

Breaking marriage vows.

There will come a day, I have no doubt

When you're the one who will sob and cry.

"Are you really gone?" you'll choke and plead,

"What if I am?"  I'll flatly vie.

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kat's picture

Uh oh.
Sounds like someone's in the doghouse!
I hope this is just imagination, and not a page from the Life of Jessica.
Whichever the case, it sure got the point across.
Good write.