Painting Yesterday

This is one of my paintings done from visits down old country side roads and memories from my childhood.  NO!  I am not that old, but there were lots of places still unexplored with roads unpaved in the countryside of my youth.

Painting Yesterday

Work week ends and I go home, to rest and let stress drain.

So pushed at times, exhaustion weighs, I hardly know my name.

I shed work dress, don the old, to easel I then stray,

To find a time of quality, I'm painting yesterday.

Childhood trips to backroad homes I still can see in mind.

I paint the world of peace and love, a truly quiet time.

When people then would welcome friends, those who happened by.

A man was judged not by his gain, but who he was inside.

Those humble homes, my visions sure, I use to ease the stress,

As there go I to breathe a sigh and garner needed rest.

Too bad those times of quietude are gone and could not stay.

I bring them back to fill that lack.  I'm painting yesterday.

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*~* Slendah*~*'s picture

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away...

(Those were the good old days.)

Oh, I believe in yesterday!

Yvonne Coleman-Burney's picture

This was wonderful your art is absolutley beautiful
Keep using your creative flow God has given


kat's picture

Very nice Jessica.
I know you showed me the painting, but how did I miss the poem? Hmmm.
Good job as usual, girl!


salphire5's picture

Absolutely fantastic Jessica, both the painting and the poem! I appreciate and understand both. Lovely.
I salute you.
FM Salphire

Ernest Bevans's picture

aaah makes me long
for the "green green grass of home"!