Those Simple Things

Those Simple Things

The smell of freshly turned earth in the spring,

A baby's milk-breath coos,

Fireflies flickering in the summer eve,

And simply the thought of you,

Taking hot rolls from the oven, and "AH-h-h-h!"

The aroma that floods senses through,

A long soaking bath, a walk in the rain,

And getting a glimpse of you,

Fresh mown grass and the smell bursting forth,

When the mower makes the first round or two,

Homemade ice cream on a blistering day,

Then sharing a dish with you,

Watching the wren coax her babies to fly,

Making a wish that comes true,

Holding his hand as my son learns to walk,

Getting a phone call from you.

Writing a sonnet with meter exact,

Surprises from out of the blue,

A double-yoked egg, the first jonquil blooms,

Warm hugs that come from just you...

I've never been bold or in chase of pure gold.

Desires in my list are a few...

Rest when I'm weary will be quite enough

If I also have you, you, you!

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Rachel  Marie Tate's picture

I lost my sense of smell in a car accident 9 years ago and as I read this poem I actually smelled fresh baking bread!!! Thank you!!! It lasted the whole way through as I read, gone now, but it was magic while it lasted... I love it!