I horded it and polished it and kept it squeaky clean.

When giving it, I wanted it to be an awesome thing.

I stored it up, and poured it up, and saved it for The One.

He took it all, was not enthralled, that precious gift did shun...

My Love

I hid a while behind a smile, and no one ever knew,

The grief he gave, the road was paved.  My friends were far and few.

I dreamed I'd find, The One sublime, who'd want me as I am.

A tenor Vet, I had not met, as gentle as a lamb...

My Love

The gifts I hold are warm, not cold, although they are not new,

Have never been, disclosed to men, proferred to only two.

My heart is torn, so much it's born, but mending it still beats.

My love is pure, is still secure and seaching all it meets...

For Love

My heart does burn, with care, concern--those gifts wrapped tight in gilt.

My days are planned, the time I spend make life a crazy quilt.

But could we not, with Cupid's shot, a gentle peace endeavor,

In case a time, ordained in rhyme, can bring we two together...

In Love?  

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Butch Lesley's picture

Very nice Jess, very nice.

kat's picture

Very nice Jessica. I love they way it flows, rolls right off your tongue.