Thinking Of You

Thinking Of You

When winds of life grow harsh, assail,

When all around me rants and rails,

I turn my thoughts to peaceful times with


When sadness hovers o'er my head,

I gain no rest upon my bed,

I make myself adjust my thoughts to


It's easier to cry than grin,

When dreams deflate and then descend,

But I thank God I have much more in


Troubles plague both slave and king.

In all of life there's suffering.

I still am blessed because God gave me


This day I take my pen in hand,

In hopes that you will understand,

I'm grateful for the love I've found with


Happy Valentine's Day, Honey!

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poetvg's picture

i love this poem

Judy Costea's picture

AWWWW, What a beautiful Valentines Day poem. He should be proud of you for writing something so beautiful from your heart.

Jim's picture

Thank You, The poem is lovely, I went "From a jack to a king"