Tonight I'm forgiving you. Not so you can sleep any easier, I doubt it makes any difference to you. You and your reckless tyrades, your dominationg selfishness, and especially your olympic capacity for denial. I don't why you treated me the way you did but I know that you love me. You did the best you possibly could at loving me. For that I am thankful, for that I am better off than I would've been otherwise. You shaped me into who I am and the good I do for people is an extension of the good you did for me. A young heart is fragile and mine was torn from an early age. But that truama has given me an incredible empathy for everyone on this planet and god dammit that is special. I am not who I "wanted" to be and I have not had the life that I "wanted" to have but I am who I am because of you, and I am happy for that. Thank you, may I carry a piece of you in everything I do.

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