You Are Beautiful

Where does she hide?

Now she is with that boy,

Breathing in his cologne,

Running her hand up and down his leg,

As he looks at her she turns away,

Before she was smoking into the clouds,

Inhaling peace of mind,

A quiet serenity,

Yesterday she was drowning,

She was drowning and couldn't fight,

The waves of her past mauling her into submission,

The bruises went unnoticed by most but not I,

I told her she was safe,

Those things couldn't hurt her anymore,

I am unsure then why she ran,

A mysterious look in her eyes,

Unaware that these monsters,

These demons didn't have to define her,

So now I search for her,

But she is a lost soul,

So seeing her is a complicated endeavour,

No one knows where the real her hides,

Not even her,

But one day she will find herself,

Like all girls do,

And when she looks in the mirror,

She won't just see her beautiful face,

She'll see the smile of the brightest heart,

That was waiting to blind the world,

Author's Notes/Comments: 

accidentally put this under prose, my bad

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Starward's picture

I remember those feelings

I remember those feelings from long ago.  You express them very well.  This is a very intense poem.


mypersonalpoems777's picture

Thank you

You're comment means a lot to me, I'm really glad you enjoyed my work Laughing

Nicholas Dulepski

Juliet8's picture


I love this. Good write.


"Every Saint Has a Past and Every Sinner Has a Future." ~Oscar Wilde
<3 M.M. Plagmann

mypersonalpoems777's picture


Thank you!

Nicholas Dulepski