Severely Unfininshed but Worth a Read


Something gives me goose bumps in the way chords can move, in the way keys can sound, in the way strings can sooth,


when everything is spinning it's like the piece of humanity that stays perfectly still, watching silently, waiting for you to remember it’s there, hope, kindness, love, the forgotten arts,


the island of misfit toys that make up our consciences and the fragments of time that remind us of who we are, what we’re here for, what we’d die for,


graves cloaked with moss and morning moisture are hardly seen by my sleepy eyes, on the rolling hills of the country side, that’s where my blood is buried, that’s where my lineage lies,


Where would I be without them? Looking over me silently, passing onto me their light, their issues, their genetics, this chance at life,


From my Grandfather’s face, to my mother’s hair, to my father’s sense of humor, everything is there existing at once in imperfect harmony,


It’s what’s led me to great triumphs and crushing defeats, the looks that flooded my stomach with butterflies, and the words that made messes and tangled lessons of my heart strings,


The “I miss you’s” the “goodbyes” all start to sound the same after a while, but where you hear them never changes,


Even the deaf hear these words, they aren’t heard with your ears but felt with your bones, grasped by your chest, absorbed and honed, to follow you wherever you go,


They can make you incredible, show you magic for the first time, they can build you and break you, can leave you to die, but their prophetic song is too strong to deny


When the world stands still and we’re left all alone, I see myself with you building a home, in a better world, who knew what could be in these gentle little tones.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thanks for reading :)

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