I'm Sorry



I'm sorry,


I can't say it enough


If only you knew how i cared


how the last thing i'd ever want to do is scare you


harm you, don't hate me please


i'll do anything to make it up to you


but that's just the problem


the more i try the worse it becomes


do you want me in your life?


it seems that just wondering makes things worse


i want you to know that i think you are a wonderful person


i just can't go on if you think i am terrible


but then maybe that's how it should be


maybe the best thing i can do is stay out of your life


i mean look at me


everything i touch turns to ash


im the poster boy of misery who didnt get the part because his looks werent up to par


im the hated by all especially myself


im the directionless waste who cant control his emotions


with no idea how to live what you call life


im poison


and i'd poison the whole city if led me to truth


the doctors were right, i am too sick


the devil and I are fighting in a phone booth


if i could i'd love like i've never been hurt


i'd see flowers in all their romantic colors


i'd be at peace with the Earth


you could take everything and watch it burn


i'll never talk to you again, i should've never in the first place


im sorry.


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I read your other poems and was so impressed. Your feelings are profound and you've captured them in beautiful words. You're a really good writer. Keep posting! 

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I actually just found out about comments haha, sorry for the delay. Thanks so much for saying this it's really nice and encouraging. I read some of you work and i thought it was great too

Nicholas Dulepski

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The Sea Is Full

of fish, buy a new fishing pole, a new mirror, and repeat after me, "If you should lose me, you lose a good thing." There! Welcome to postpoems where emoting is paramount and ego rules - Just Bein' Lady A