Everyday I wake up in a nightmare,

I have become what I always knew I would,

When the thoughts first came,

When I was young and innocent,

Next to that babbling brook,

The wind whispering from one tree to the next,

My body churned inside the walls,

Of a little house in the woods,

I knew what destiny lie before me,

You tried to warn me of what was to come,

Of who I was to become,

But then the doctors and the intellectuals,

Told me not to listen,

As if it were all some mirage,

Those dogs,

They lied to me,

Now I have become death,

I know what it is,

To be dead,

Truly dead,

Dead as the bones inside of me,

There are no more stories to tell,

I want only for the world,

To finally close this casket,

Please God,

Exterminate me. Like all the others

Drown me in your sewer,

Chain me up,

Like you do in those Syrian prisons,

I want no sweetness when I go,

I want no love in your kiss goodnight.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Capturing my thoughts during a particularly brutal night, during a particularly shitty portion of my life

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