I Will Give You Water

Water will surely fall from the sky,

it's the bus route of weather,

Stopping at sunshine,

Getting of on a cloudy day,

Taking the transfer to a spring shower,

But why is it so certain that the plants will accept the sky's offering?

Isn't their delicacy of slightest concern?

Hasn't the plant ever questioned the hp balance of the water?

Or the cloud's proximity to a nuclear plant?

How have they continued on thriving?

Indiscriminately welcoming whatever the ground gives them.

Think of my love as water,


It may have collected a few toxins here or there,

But it started from a stream that would only flow for you,

If you can never see past the warning labels,

On the bottles of "what if's?"

How then,

Will our flowers grow?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I plan on adding to this soon

** i did not

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