Trust Me

Be the kid who never made it

Who hid away from obstacles

Who cowered at opportunity

Don’t hide the lashings

Don’t bite your tongue

You were the one they forgot about

The boy who couldn’t help but be overlooked

For someone smarter, faster or stronger

And unbeknown to you

As you sat alone thinking you’d always stay that way

Your heart was growing stronger

Every bump in the road

Every insult hurled

Your heart would break

Then mend

And find the strength to keep going

The vast majority of people

Will never care what you’ve been through

Some will try to take it away from you

But the truth is

You had to fight extremely hard 

To keep a very important person going in this crazy world

So go ahead

Be proud of yourself


You will never get to start over

Or swap your brain for someone else’s

But one day

The sky will lose a few clouds

And trust me


That will be enough

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