Sorry not Sorry


We live in a twisted mirror maze,


Everywhere reminds me of myself,


My imperfections, the strange faces I make,


When I'm being too loud, when my feet smell,


I've sold this tiny commodity,

One of personal sovereignty,


For the right to be in close proximity of the ones I love,


Yes I will submerge this shirt in a blue gloopy solvent,


So may you be free from my pit stains,


Yes I will scrub the insects out of my teeth,


I will even trim the hair that would otherwise grow into the lawn of your personal space,


But I do give warning to any prospective friends or partners,


I am not going to stop laughing at inappropriate times,


I won’t stop telling stories that drag on for centuries then end up going down the long immoderate black hole that inevitably swallows every idea I almost I had,


I won’t stop making it awkward when everyone’s just trying to get high and relax,


I won’t stop texting you every couple of weeks just to be sure you don’t secretly spurn me,


Yes, I will always find a way to make it about me,


And I won’t stop making all of you bear my terrible taste in music, either,


Because that’s who I am when I’m around the people I love most,


And if people can’t take me how I am,


Then I can’t take them either.


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