Girl From Last Night

It was hospitals and school hallways,

It was diaries and moving boxes,

I kept the blinds to my hometown down,

I kept my shades on to evade detection,

There were short and sweet calls from dad,

There were puzzle pieces of fine china on the kitchen floor,

I remember laughing, chatting,

You talking about your lipstick,

Me thinking about your lipstick,


I wish I had known you'd been looking at me all this time,

Finally finding a nail to joust out the way you like,

Maybe I would've held things together a bit more,


Maybe I'd know where I'll be next year,

Maybe this would be one of those happy,

"All the waiting has paid off!" kind of poems,


I'm not sure what kind of poem this is,

Maybe it's another leaky faucet,

Wine on the coffee table I'll forget to clean up,

To be frank,

I'm feeling something I've never felt before,

And I'm trying to trap it in this little grey box.


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