Don't be Delicate


Don’t be careful,

Don’t be delicate,

Fuck what anyone has ever told you,

Their transcendent propaganda will never be you,

Your resume will never tell anyone just how soft your hands are,

How much better you smile than me,

Be the ocean inside yourself,

The one when it swells,

Soaks you in shame,

The raging currents of you,

Slamming against your disheveled shorelines,

Are among the most beautiful I’ve seen,

We can go there together,

Let the toxic water run through your toes,

Build castles with the mud and rocks along your coast,

Scrape the cobwebs out of your seashells and make them your diamonds,

We are in this room,

Where thousands have been before,

Walls blank like a new chalk board,

Faces young and afraid,

Alive and stupid,

It is our time in our world so bureaucratic,

So mechanical,

To be the envy of the old,

Your tears are grease on my aging pistons,

Sliding up and down my cylindrical soul,

Hitting the carbon and chemicals in my throat,

Your laugh yanks at my pull start,

My valves popping, hurling clockwork onto the floor,

Are you sadness and shame?

Denial and betrayal?

Their mixed drink is exquisite,

I can hardly put you down,

Let me get drunk off you just this once,

Be my empty bottle in the morning,

I'll be yours,

So I can pray until the end of time,

That we wash up on eachother's shores,

To waste away together,

Until this ocean finally takes us,


tallsquirrelgirl's picture

Really like this!

Expressive and relatable..keep writing

*tallsquirrelgirl* she feels in italics and thinks in CAPITALS ~henry james

KindredSpirit's picture

Like it

See a lot of California in it.

JMO right now.


But yeah

I know where your heads at.