Rain, Cold, and a Cold

Oh god,

This rain,

This virus,

Someone shoot me,

Or better yet,

Come over tonight!

Remind me of all those nagging defects,

When I interupt you,

Say those jokes you hate so much,

I could take a few inches off tonight,

Some spring cleaning much needed,

Flush out the confidence of last week,

Top me off with some premium self hatred,

I can't stand feeling this awfulness unprovoked,

My biggest pet peeve,

Reminds me that I'm crazy,

Give me a good one,


Now taking answers from the crowd,

Just shout them out,



There we go, a few more?



Damaged goods!

Great! these are great!

I feel like I do in psych class,

When we talk about mood disorders,

And the professor insists on making awkward eye contact with me,

For the duration of the class!


I'm going to go bury my head in sand,

Until I'm safe to leave the room,



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KindredSpirit's picture

just got back

Like this.

Made me smile.