Things That Can Change You

He cracks two eggs into a pan,

As the smell of morning awakens the kitchen,

His silver car parked outside,

His fat cat watching him from the kitchen window,

He makes his favorite; Mushroom and swiss omellette, bacon, two pieces of toast,

And of course his tall mug of tea,

The plate is overflowing,

Butter is making a slow drip onto the table,

As the steam rises and the smoke dances from the freshly sizzled eggs and bacon,

He is scrambling to dive his fork into his meal,

He wouldn't want to be late again,

He has no idea that this will be the last time he eats breakfast in his own home,

The last time he sees his mother,

I want him to stay, enjoy being normal,

Enjoy having his crazy family,

Because at least he has them,


Soon she'll finally have enough,

She'll leave town,

Try her luck on her own,

I remember her confessing her secret poem to me,

When I was too young,

Terrified that for the first time in my young life,

I could do nothing to keep her tears from falling,

They fell like rapids,

Each one avalanching off her cheek,

Splashing to the ground,

Like a rain drop, like a tsunami,

I could see his hands stroking her hair,

His body against her back,

His whispers barking at her ear,

Her shivers with each syllable,

As he slowly buried her innocence,

I can see everything she hid from him at that exact moment,

All the beauty and strength that he will never get to see,

It crumbles down her face like pieces to a puzzle,

She stops reading,

She's hyperventilating,

"It's okay" I say like some fucking broken record,

"It's okay, I swear" As I beg myself to shut up,


That was her day to never be normal again,

The day life stopped being familiar,

Her cries still ring in my ears

Her hand still welded with mine



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