I dont know why we're assigned our curses

Or why I can make them sound good on paper

Go ahead,  laugh

At my obscurity

Pretend I am as dumb as you think

I will not hate you for it

In fact you are my favorite reader

The reader,

Who despite their staunchest resistance,

Can do nothing but be mesmerized by me

Go ahead look

look at my words

My spies

The oils that drain off the paper

Seeping into your skin

Lurking through your hypothalamus

Hunting for that one night

That one terrible night

And all of the sudden

It is not my poem

It is yours

You are the one who's never felt so alone

You are the one who she'll never love

You are trying everything to make things better but have only ever known how to make them worse

We want to run from the fear and pain

But this where I stop running with you.

I end where my poems end

at the bottom of the page

So make your own disasters

Dwell on your own disapointments

Let them all be as miserable as you think they are

Be completely unreasonable

And remember

The only thing worse than being me

This bag of bones you found on the internet,

Is being a hypocrite

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I like your stuff



mypersonalpoems777's picture

I'm glad

Thank you, I am a fan of yours as well!

Nicholas Dulepski