The Heart of a Girl

When I made you cry

From the words that I tied

Around you so taut

Had only I known the heart of a girl,


When I told her I loved her

When I said I could trust her

By the sweet smiling beauty

Had only I known the heart of a girl,


I know that she hates me

Or at least she should

I planted the seed of trust deep inside of her

Crushed the walls of uncertainty

I layed new sidwalk onto streets she once shunned

I built new bars and comedy clubs up and down her busy main street

As I held her my hands looked young



The one who always calls me on my birthday

You were a different story

I let myself be yours

It was you who painted that portrait of psychotic

Taught me the songs to sing

When you feel shame in your love

Is your house still crippled

From the rocks I threw at it

Hoping one would spotaneously catch

To burn that loose lipped commune,

I want to thank you

Because I've been taught how to love selflessly

I know my love will be courageous for anyone 

Even those as reckless with it as you

You taught me true heartbreak

And for all the sweet girls that find me

I will know the heart of a girl




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