Dance Floor

Do you like the way I'm bursting with life,

I can see my energy flirting with yours

Their magnectic our smiles,

Familar like old friends,

Move to these noises,

As my augmented perceptions struggle to decode their tune,

I look at all us young people,

Our stories intertwining,

Our bodies mingling,

I put my hands on your hips,

Their rapid sway hard to keep up with,

This room is ours,

It has waited for us so patiently,

Preparing its stage every night knowing,

We would would soon arrive,

It all makes sense now,

The way you laugh,

The way I ramble,

The way you dance,

The way I watch you,

We're finally where we want to be,

Me and you,

Loud music,

Strobe lights,


We are in perfect harmony,


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