bad people bad poetry

He says,

"What is a good poem, anyway"

Fantastic question,

"I mean, isn't every poem good because somenone is still expressing themselves?"

Not necessarily.

"Come on! Isn't it subjective? The purpose it serves is more important than the execution. I could write just about anything and say 'this is a poem' and all these idiots would gather round and say how good it is."

Roses are red, violets are blue,

this world is shit go fuck yourself

"And let's be honest no one is making money off poetry. For all intensive purposes it's a dying art. Maybe if there were less rules people would still be writing it."

 I disagree but at least there's signs of brain activity.

"I don't understand poetry either. It's so dumb. Yeah life's a bitch, get over it. It ain't easy for me niether but you don't hear me complaining."

I'd like to retract my last statement.

"Like the time my time Pops sent me away. If I were some unstable, over emotional train wreck maybe I would've written a few poems. But I'm a man and men don't do those things!"

Oh, sweet jesus.

"I had to bottle it all inside! Hide my pain from everyone! And I didn't have some stupid diary! All I had was my bible!"

 I'm making a weird face but it's only to hold back my laughter.

"Do you know how many nights I cried and cried just wanting someone to accept me? Do you what type of pain that is? The type of pain that crawls into bed with you at night and refuses to leave. It whispers into your ears so gently while it wraps you in torment. 'Don't go', it says. I beg for it to feel wrong but it feels so right that I can do nothing but be broken for it. I will be your victim, your helpless accomplice. Empty. Standing next to myself. Lying next to you still breathing heavy. You're body still rigid from taking me over but calm. Like a bird before it is shot out of the sky, we are so calm."


One poem and he's already better than me.

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Retracting Statements?

Is that the same as a rewrite? Enjoyed.



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I do go back and edit my work quite often. I might have taken something out if it bothered upon another reading

Nicholas Dulepski

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Like this. KS

Like this.