I'm 20 years old,

I'm dirt broke,

I don't speak to my parents,

I maintain mediocre grades, but posses above average intuition

at least once a week I lure myself into a meltdown,

I have more insecurities than I care to admit,

I live everyday like it's my last,

And I don't apologize to anyone for it,

I smoke and drink more than I can justify,

I laugh more than anyone I know,

My smile can defy every odd,

I give to everyone, that's a fact,

And I will be me from the time I was born until the day I die,

I have no idea what's to come of me,

But please believe,

When you open up that time capsule, many years from now

Lift the pictures and poems scribbled in textbooks,

From their bunker,

That I was having the time of my life,

Broke, lonely, terrified,

Having the time of my life

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a little one I jotted down today. I feel a lot of affection for it

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