Let's Get Out There

To live everyday with some profound knowledege

That I will die at thirty,

Waking up and taking in the dawn

gulfing down my happy pills,

Coughing down the morning cigarette carousel

that let's sweet, soggy overcast mist,

Create ripe sensations in my chest

I stand striving; I must sieze this day,

There is only so much time to see the world

tour the sunshine of Australia,

Mardi Gras at the gold gulf coast of New Orleans

ride my prized camel through Petra,

Then to Egypt  by untamed biplane

to see the pyramids and the myriad of artifacts,

Tango with the pretty latinas of Mexico and Brasil

to gaze at the works of the Aztecs,

Along the way I will feel sorrow

so sorry for myself,

I will wish you were with me so I could soke in

your smile over breakfast in Belgium,

But I will die young


And very well traveled

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thy name is poet. To die happy and well traveled. Love it! Wish I could live it - the life of a hedonist and a museum and sacred site visitor - or like me a dreamer - enjoyed the travel-log poem :D ~allets~