the 2am poem

My mother will never let me be a starving writer

she'd rather my regrets be as secure as my salary

but I know deep down she is right

I shouldn't let myself waste away writing mediocre poetry

hoping that one day I'll find even a modicum of talent

but for the time being

sitting around trying to find myself is made more lively

with a few verses about the girls who prefer

handsome boys with potential

and the memories I prefer to block out

what am I if not a few melodramatic lines

on anything and everything

I'm the cringe on a real writer's face

and the guilt in my mother's smile

but for those who'd use my shoulder as a pillow

and my head and heart as a bank

my pen stands as loyal guardian

and when they look in my eyes

they'll see every gouging pain

I've had the courage to love

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Somebody liked this

Including me.

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haha thanks who was the other person?

Nicholas Dulepski