Warm Colors

I'm the one who wants to make your heart beat,

Get hit with the heavy of your love like it's concrete,

I want to hear all the things that no ones ever heard,

I want your pain even when we know your're just being absurd,

I want to tell you that you're perfect until you believe it,

And when you say you're angry I want you to scream it,

then rest your head on me,

and take a breath, it's on me,

There's only so many people in this world like you and I've never seen such a beatiful mess,

I hold my head in my hands because I know that one day I will be your regret just like all the rest,

And I know you'll never forget,

I'm just so caring and sharing of every little detail becuase the only one I trust is you,

I don't pretend I can live up to these expectations

Of how a boy should be

Throwing my guts at everyone leaving my worst qualities on repeat

But with you I know there's something different

I'm not sure what but it's there

Because when I think of you I see these beautiful things that only my big heart could bare


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I Like This

Beautiful and heartwarming.