We used the bed, that was great. 


But what fun we could have elsewhere.


Kitchen Counter

I could put you on top of the counter

while I eat out.

I could fuck you after some good foreplay.


I could bend you over the counter,

and fuck you from behind

as I fondle your breasts as we leaned over.


We could do it on the counter,

as you sit there

and take it in your pussy

as I thrust up and into you.


You could tilt off the counter,

and put your weight onto me,

as I rammed you with my cock.




Depends on the chair, 

but it would be very easy

to suck on your pussy

for a few minutes or hour.


You could spread yourself wide for me

as I just fucked you on the chair. 

Then I would cum all over your breasts.

If you wanted in your mouth,

we could arrange that too.


You could face the back of the chair

and have your ass out towards me,

as I fucked you from behind.

I would love to hear your voice,

as I plowed into you with my cock.




You would spread wide for me on the hood of a car,

as I penetrate your body.

I can lean over and lick your clit.

This would be a better position

to choke you in.

I could lean you over the car

so I can slap your ass

as I fucked you hard.


There is usually a desk,

or furniture to put you on,

as I just fuck you and fuck you.

As I move you all over the garage,

as you scream and moan through the whole process.



As most have rails,

as I could tie you up in some fashion.


Could just use the rails for being tied down,

and then fuck you while standing against them. 


But I would prefer you sitting on the stairs,

just open and inviting,

Nothing on, but a smile.


I would just pin you down, 

and suck on your clit for a while. 

Bend you over 

and fuck you from behind.


Stand over me,

and squat on my dick

as it penetrates your body.




Put you on the desk,

spread your legs, 

lean over and

just eat you out for a bit.


Pull your curvy butt off of the desk

and plow my dick inside of you. 

As you lean up on the desk, 

eyes closed, making heavenly music.


Turn you over, 

and fuck you from behind.

I could spank that butt of yours

as I cum inside of you.




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