Foreplay Part 2



Wait, did you think it was over?


Oh, not quite. 


As long as you're up for more. 

So am I. 


This bed is cover in cum stains.

Some of yours and some of mine. 


We better make the best use of this bed.

There are good posts here, 

for tying you up. 


I don't want you to be worried,

you will be on cloud nine momentarily. 


I take some satin straps

and tie your wrist to the two forward bed posts.

Your legs tied to the bottom posts. 

Your body is mine for the taking. 

Now I have you, right where I need you. 


Your pussy is still juicy and very inviting.

My tongue isn't done yet. 

I proceed to lick your very exposed clit

and start to eat you out again. 


You squirm, moan and scream. 

As I see you have cummed once again, 

I stick my fingers inside to get a taste for myself.


I unstrap your arms,

but only your arms. 

As I position myself over you, 

my dick resting in between your boobs. 


You dont hesitate.

You know what I want. 


You caress your boobs around my dick 

and making me erect again.

You lean forward to lick it,

as your boobs slide up and down my stem. 


I start to thrust inbetween your boobs, 

asking you for your saliva you add to foray. 

You apply it to me,

as I thrust through the boobs

and near your mouth.


Your mouth so inviting,

ready to receive

as you suck on my once again.



That was amazing.

But the show goes on. 


I retie your hands down to the post

and remove the staps from your legs, 

I want you legs in the air.


I want to tease you, as you teased me for so long.

Maybe you'll end up begging for it sooner than I want to.


I put my dick above your pussy, just rubbing against you,

You squirm as you cant move,

your legs are on my shoulders.


I thrust my dick ever so closely,

not entering you,

but sliding over you

as you begin you moan again.


You moan louder and seem to want it now.

Maybe I should leave you tied up,

but that wouldnt be fun.

But I should stick my tongue

into your pussy one last time.


I glide my tongue over your clit a few times,

before this round is over.





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