Foreplay Part 1




I think it could have worked. 

Like realy worked. 

Of course this is just my mind at play. 


I know you like foreplay. 

I know what you like now. 


The o'dourves is served.

The undressing of your tight and curvy dress that fits you so well.


As I kiss your lips,

so sweet and beautiful.


My hand touches your thigh,

caressing it, as my hand moves over your skin, 

and around to grab your butt cheek.


As I grab it and release,

it leaves a read hand print each time.  


Your dress isn't even off yet,

and your bueatiful boobs,

start to fall out

of the half unzipped dress. 


Another obstacle to manuever later. 


My tongue makes its way into your mouth,

touches yours as we twist them together. 


The dress is fully unzipped

and now must remove it

from the playing field altogether.


You remove your bra,

as it would only be a matter of moments

before it too was off.


This allows me to dive my head

inbetween your two mounds.

Perfect round boobs,

that would satisfy a dick not too far down the road. 


I would turn my attention to one of them,

as I start to lick the areola,

and proceed to your nipple.


One hand on other,

squeezing and massaging it.


My other hand still

caresses your ass. 

Working its way around your panties, and looking an opening. 


You're wet,

I can feel the warm juices

that are excreting away from your pussy. 


I cant wait to have my tongue on that. 

But my mouth is busy with your two succelent boobs, as you lay there just taking it in. 


My fingers find their mark, 

and move into your wet orifice. 

Starting with one finger as to peek inside,

and adding another once in. 

I can now thrust my fingers to and fro,

feeling your juices move over my fingers.


Your moans get heavier and you contort your body

to receive my fingers thrusting into your pussy.

You cum over my fingers leaving a white gooey substance.

I show you,

as I proceed to suck my fingers dry

and swallow your flavor. 


But we arent done yet.


My tongue needs to have a taste too.

I remove your soaked panties from your legs.

I proceed to spread your legs wide,

leaving your pussy exposed for my tongue to play with.


I want to savor this,

so I tease at first,

sticking my tongue into your pussy,

moving the tongue around,

as a slurp the juices you create.


But the position is not satisfactory for either of us. 

I prefer you having fun too,

as I can eat you out in a more satisfied postion.


I manuever your butt over my face

and your head is positioned right over my hard and erect dick. 


Your juices are still flowing,

and I can now lick an opened pussy

with the clit right in my face.


I spread your wings and lick the clit and you moan and scream.

I stick my fingers back inside and thrust,

while I continue to use my tongue.


As I feel myself getting a euphoria at the other end. But my view is block by a beaituful ass in my face as your juices cover your inner thigh. I could sit here for hours with eating your pussy in my face, as you suck my dick on the other end. 



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