why i suffer??

why do girls hurt you

and never stay true

i never found a hyna

that will stick around like glue

nor friends or lovers

everyone shows me there true colors

nobody is perfect in this world

but yet every female

leaves me out in the cold

i cry under a dark couldy nite

as i remember all those words

cuttin my soul like knifes

who is there left to trust

who will show me true love

who will not laugh

im being waiting a eternity

is this my punishment

of nothing but pure suffering

as i live through life

remember all the agony

and painful memories

every female put into me

is this hell

i wonder that everyday

cuz when i meet someone so close

they leave me and become hoes

my heart so sore

my life i cant control

who cares if i die or live

i just wanna die in peace

and find a place where no

negativity exists

cuz i dont wanna suffer nomore

now that i lost all hope

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Judith's picture

I like this poem also. Am sorry you had bad luck with girls but not all girls are like that. You just need to look hard to find the girl that is right for you. Once again I like this poem alot.