trapped consent in a world of greed

this will be my final melody

nobody can bring me down to my knees

i struggled hard trying not to remember

all my painful memories

i increase my boundaries

tighted up my borders

not letting anyone leave

nor come in to my heart

the world i live in is dark

ghosts and demons surround

never see me with a smile

my life is like a battle

i cant win yet never

can i complete

all this hatered in my soul

when i die will my soul go home

or remain in the dark pits

of hell where i remain cold

who can i trust i cant anymore

all have done me wrong

friends turned into enemies

lively in a state of mizzery

as they all mention me

im a desgrace to my history

i shouldnt even be alive

yet im here still alive

lookin forward never backwards

live my life not as a curse

as they lay me in a hoarse

who will miss me

as they put me down 6 feet deep

as you see my tombstone

here lies a man who died alone

hope he rests now and returns home

this is my dying wish

before it happens im trapped

and never can i leave

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