On a day like today

The days and memories, they be always changing... and we're chasing them softly, throughout forgottoen dreams

lounge, or race, those whispers, ever so transient, questining the core of our constant moments, or lack thereof

humanity; therefore a feeling.


one day out, one day onto the bandwagon where the forgetfull just keep on forgetting 

on a day, on perhaps a day like today, it'll happen, we'll let go, not of our sin & neither of our hate

but of fragile bonds scrutinizing, seeking, sensing solitude, they always come and then they come undone


a cycle, left feeling as if we're a fruitless harvest, barren is the land

trust each season to grow and to give, better yet, we trusted, and then like all, we fell 

Its scribed upon each inhale, then we sigh, to no avail.


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