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Looking back at my past, I felt I was always a writer. When any teacher announced they had a prompt for the class to write about I became thrilled. I always saw it as a challenge to impress. From the beginning I always desired for anyone to appreciate anything I had ever written. I began to believe in myself as a writer when I would receive positive feedback from my parents, teachers, and later on my peers. I would receive awards and high grades on all of my essays. When I received a bad grade I took it personal.

When I write I want my reader to relate or recall their past. I want the reader to feel moved or entertained. When I was younger, I had no voice. I would never speak up for myself. I was unable to overcome my disease of shyness. Writing was my only therapy. When I had confrontations with people I would never retort. Instead hours later, you would receive a letter from me expressing what I feel. Writing is the only confidant I can sincerely trust. The paper and pen will never reveal my secret thoughts unless it is found by unknown hands. Writing gave me my voice. A voice to explain myself.
Everything in this portfolio is a product of that. A product I hope people will enjoy and not just throw in the trash. My desire is to become a famous rapper, songwriter, or novelist. I have found that words bring life to music. Some of the words music contains stays imbedded in people’s head till the grave. I wish my words to be just that. To write something that will stay with someone, even if it is just one person.
*I joined because I want to improve my poetry CONSTRUCTIVE CRITIQUES AND FEEDBACK ARE APPRECIATED=)*

About My Navel

At my beginning, my navel enabled my life source cable and opened a tunnel of nourishment thus giving my body the encouragement to quench my brain. It was the gate that let the blood race in the highway of veins. It allowed electric currents to ignite the cirrculatory system which embedded my grandmother's wisdom. Its unfortunate short peak, packed with power, now sits blind and weak never attempting to speak.


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