Can you tell me how?


This is how it began I met you online by faith I could not call it anything else you were what I was looking for my entire life what I prayed for every day to come in my life you told me your life story and I told you mine they both matched and we felt alive it felt like god made us for one another but in different times.


Why couldn't I find you sooner?


Ha we agreed to meet at the dog park and there my feelings grew you opened my heart wide open it was like a shotgun pierced right through the connection we had  was one a kind I met you son and he opened my eyes to see how beautiful the world is and you made me whole you made me feel like the luckiest man in the world.




I don't think you can cause your heart connected with mine in such a way that our first kiss my heart stopped in such a way that can not be explained at that moment I knew you had to be the one.


We bonded more then we expected and one night I made you mine for a second I thought that it was a dream the feeling I developed for you are stronger then you think everything felt like dream a dream that I never wanted to wake up from you kisses made me weak.




In my eyes you are the most beautiful girl in the world believe it or not I just can't leave you for another girl you are perfect in my world I love everything about you wen I was away from you I could not get you out of my mind wondering if this is really true god answered my prayers and the tears from my heart he put you in my life and and everything felt right.


can you tell me how 


No one in this world can tell me how you were an angel sent from the sky to restore my beliefs in love with no lies.


I had a dream that you were mine nothing to worry about we flew across the sky no one could stop us nether would cry everything was happiness our love never died.




How did I fall in love with you?


I fell for you cause of your look cause of lips even your hips cause of your smile your look your body the way you care the way u make me feel how u said you loved me and much more all I want to do is open my eyes and see your face the face I love to see wen I am in pain.


You make it all better with just a smile you make me feel like I am on fire you are something far more valuable you mean the world  to me I just want you to know that  I believe that you are the one the one who will lift me up so I can reach the sky the one who will make me smile wen my heart is down a story of a man who loves you more then you think and could possibly imagine...



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Do you watch Miguelito on the Borgias? - show was cancelled, but the old riffs are full of a really dashing assasin whose name begins with M. Nice name. Live and love, you deserve her ~Lady A~


Lady A