I look at the sky thinking of you looking at life from a different point of view wondering why do lies go around like a Whirlpool I drown yes I drown in the lies and the feeling of Disappointment the feeling that swallows me whole and leaves me empty handed with a Mind full of thoughts asking why couldn't she have handed me the truth of a feeling called love.


Looking at the sky what can you do one person on your mind but wondering if you are to 


today I ask my self a question.


What does love mean to people?


 Am here wondering what's this world and the people in it coming to why does love mean so little when the word love surrounds  our life and fils it with joy.


look at the stars and tell me what u see I know u do not see nothing because the stars are in a long Journey to find the lost souls that are missing in this world the souls that once brought the world happiness and hope. 


I think that this world needs a little hope.


Hope to realize that love is not as it seems it can hurt you bad it could make you scream it can make you cry it could make you bleed 



How is it you can see with a heart full of darkness that's how it seems tell me why to me my love for you started as a seed it did not grow with water but with your love you see.


How do you feel about me who should I be  what should I say why me.


Let me heal the pain you have in your heart the one you hide and the one you fight let me be the shield that shields your heart the one that brings happiness and brings you back to life yes I want to be the one who wakes up in the morning with you I want to be the one who tells you that you are beautiful in every way now matter how your hair is.


Don't push me away don't you believe I could be the one the one who can save you from your past and wipe the tears that u still have running down your face let me be the one who will make you forget about the feeling you have that makes you upset.


Let me in and I will save you from the madness called fake love the lies which make you believe you are loved let me save you from the pain that resides deep within just let me in and I am sure I could win.


Win what ? 


Your world that's what I would like to win it's not a prize but it's a challenge a challenge that I would love to take on let me in and I will show you what real love is I will show you the real meaning of love not just a word but the feeling that comes deep within the feeling that makes you smile for every single thing just let me in 


There will be no pain and no games no lies nor shame no judging no blame no cheating nor walking away just let me in.


I know It's hard from the pain you have endured but just let me in and I will prove to you that not everyone is the same only the ones looking for true love know about this so called pain just let me in and your day will change hopefully your whole life you shouldn't  be ashamed just let me in and you will feel no more pain I promise to let your love flow through my veins.


Just let me in.......

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some people go through so much pain it is hard to trust someone again it could be the one they have bin looking for this whole time but they let there past in to there future no understanding that being hurt and going through pain is a part of life god does not give you anything you can't handle everything happens because that's how its Destined to be just walk away and forget about the past move on because it's time to build your future thank you for reading have a bless day and may you future over come your past and bring you peace in your life 

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I got from this, "a need to

I got from this, "a need to be needed", but the irony in words befuddles the human mind, as it is not a healer that heals the other. The healer heals himself, and by doing so, heals all those whose lives he touches. All healing energy comes from the universe. 


...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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once again you are correct am always looking forward to see you comment on my poems with your wise words thank you for your words once again 

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I was just talking to my

I was just talking to my supervisor at work tonight about my past and everything I've been through and she broke down and started crying. I find it ironic that I came home, hopped on my computer and the first poem I clicked to read was this one. I really enjoyed reading this :) Thanks for sharing.

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thank you

thank you i  really glad u liked it i hope it makes you relise that life is to short to hold on to your past i also have gone through allot but i always smile like nothing looking at the world in a my own point of view i hopw you find the the will to do that 

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I try to.. It's better said

I try to.. It's better said than done lol. My past has left me with really bad anxiety, paranoia.. etc, so it's hard to just completely forget, you know? I hope one day I will learn how to deal with certain things and situations and just let my past be the past.. I know one day it will happen for me :D 

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i do understand what you say and i understand the pain you feel i have gone through allot my self but i learned that life is to short to be unhappy you have people that care for you and would like to see you happy yes it is hard to forget about it but someone can not forget if they are not wiling to forget the pain you bring will hunt you for ever if you do not fight back do not let the pain of the past affect your present of future 

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I try not too. Thanks..

I try not too. Thanks..

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you are more then welcome have a blessed day and may god help and guide you through all your poblems