No one knows about a heart a heart so cold a heart so dark a heart that is always cold and used to falling apart.


No one to heal the pain and sorrow no one to pull it from the dark no one to say everything will be alright and no one to help me fight.


Now no one knows about a heart a heart that struggles to hold on and not fall apart a heart that remains hurt and torn apart.


They say wounds will heal but some times they hurt so much they star for real they say it takes time for wounds to heal but most of the time they hurt so much the pain is unreal.


Most of the time u may not think about it because maybe you are having fun with your friends or your doing something to keep you mind off of it but wen you are alone with nothing to do and you start thinking the pain and sorrow from the past comes to hunt you and tears run down your eyes and don't know what to do you feel like screaming but millions of people so round you you think of running away but the pain and sorrow will always find you.


Face your fears and leave it behind you walk with your head up don't let it blind you do not hide from it let it find you face your past don't let it hunt you leave it all behind and you will see that love will find you.


Now no one knows about a heart a heart so cold so full of doubts a heart that never healed  a heart that fell apart. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Leave your past behind it is not worth stressing for focus on your future and not about the past better thing will come your way god has a plan for everyone thank you for reading have a bless day and may god help you through all of your problems 

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