The lies destroyed my heart and the pain blew me away I felt like trash and a bit like a game I said I love you and it was all true never lied about that and never said to shoot but you did you shot me down like a venerable bird my heart for now is destroyed and under the earth  I still love you till this very day cause you love gave me hope and just blew me way it's hard to think u said I love you to someone else it breaks my heart and it got to my soul even though u didn't men to hurt me that much but that pain will always stay I do forgive you but I could never forget the pain you cause my heart it will never be the same yes it could but not at the moment I will try to forget and I will try to forgive but remember you shot me down and said u did not mean it but the pain I feel u will never feel it I did hurt you and I made you cry made you feel like crap and I am sorry I lied but I tried my best to give you the world but I did not succeed  I am not god or a superhero but I'll try my best and I'll give you my soul you will someday realize how sorry I was and never meant to hurt you but the hurt you caused me was bigger then the ocean now I will leave it at this even though you hurt me more then u though you would I will still love you but won't be able to forgive the fact you said I love you to another person it will hunt me for a long time my trust will not be the same nor my feeling with time the wounds will heal and I will forget everything that happened.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some times you will get hurt and some times life will try to bring you down you always have a choice to move on or live in the past love is not always easy nor always true but just know that u can't always expect the best in a relationship that seems to good to be true 

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