U have bin alone for a long time and u fell in love once again u forgot how it felt and ask your self what to do now so your hear takes over your body mind and soul you fallow your heart and all your dreams become hole your eyes now shine as bright as the moon even wen u are feeling down u see a shooting star and just say I don't need a wish I have everything I want thanx to love now u shine brigh u smile all the time even wen there is a dark sky she make u feel hole she makes u feel happy u love them to death u never feel unhappy so get down on your knees and pray to the loard thank u for the happyness I couldn't ask for more u live happy and u thank him every day I will  continue blessing u for ever he said now thanx to him and love as u see he lives happy and now happy he will always be 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my advise to all the lovers out there don't give up patients is the key love will always come even if it takes a wile but once it get there u will say to your self wow it was worth waiting that long just belive that love will come and don't worry your heart will take over and u will make the right choice good luck to u all and may god bless u always and for ever 

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