There was once a man who trusted a girl who fell in love and gave her the world now as he believes she is telling the truth she lies 2 his face and gives him the boot (GUY) what did I do so u can lie to my face treat me horrible and spit in my face...(GIRL) u we're dumb enough 2 trust me then I never loved u and it has to end...(GUY) why like this just give me a chance don't ever leave and ill promise u can just give it time and u will as they continue she talks 2 a man who promises her the world and she runs 2 his hands now as they go on she falls in love she leaves the man 2 fallow her heart   As time passes by he tells her the truth (GUY) I never loved u never will u we're just a puppet and am for real...(GIRL) how can u say that u told me u loved me u promised the world and all above it...(GUY) sorry but it was all a lie kept u happy just 2 see u die of pain just like u did 2 your husband James ...... (this poem is about karma in small words what goes around comes around)

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