Saying the unsaid


Some moments pass

Some linger for a while longer

You aren’t sure what needs to be done

But your mind is a flurry of activity

You know how to speak

But the words seem to pause, break, unsure

You remember your Toronto English tutor

Reflecting on the disservice you’re doing them;

I know I’m better at this

Better at words.

Behold, there is only silence.

You sit comfortably,

And for a minute it seems quite alright,

Until you realize you don’t need a lyric

To tell you to say something.

Words, pause, more words

Tumbling to the table, on the floor


They look at you and frown at your mess.

“You are so clumsy!” they say

But you can do nothing but stare

Stare at the words, them, their soul

Wishing and longing

For the deep to call to the deep

Where words need no utterance,

Where a single look speaks fluently

Where everything is said

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