Hair transplant without shaving

Many men and women and those curious about hair transplantation discover after a few days of extensive research that some medical doctors would like to shave present hair for the duration of a hair transplant within the recipient or donor region. Considering crusts and redness expand after surgical operation, which might also not be adequately protected, that is suboptimal, especially for humans in professions with a variety of customer connections, which undoubtedly have the purpose of being fast socially applicable again!


If the regions to be transplanted are still pretty small, including the transplantation of a receding hairline or a high hairline, or if there's simply the want to restore areas that have become thinner, then transplantation without a quick cut is also pretty feasible! Read here how an "Unshaven-Op," hair transplantation with renunciation of shaving the hair (hair transplant without shaving head) can help to be rapid socially proper again! → this is how it works, and these are the expenses!


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After a hair transplant, each patient's probable best wish can best be realized through an "Unshaven operation," as also reported via supervisor Magazine1.


Specially for surgical hair thickening (thickening of present hair/lighter areas), transplantation of the receding hairline, and the hairline's advancement in ladies and men, the Unshaven variation can be an excellent alternative. It requires no short slicing of the hair – neither within the recipient – nor in the removal location (or also the variation → "partial shaving inside the donor and no cutting of the hair inside the receiving vicinity," see below).


However, it has to be made clear to interested parties that this method is long eliminated from any mass processing. Few incredible hair surgeons who've devoted themselves to this approach do deserve the title "artist in their guard." However, the probabilities that the method shows, the background – and explicitly of the risks for Unshaven FUE without shaving must be examined. That is performed to arouse interest given the precise possibilities and opportunities and offer unsparingly open and complete statistics on the background so that no questions remain unanswered.


Similarly, unusual techniques of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) have other variants. It is very thrilling, especially for sure customers of patients: The Unshaven-HT, an FUE without any shaving – no shortcutting of the hair – neither within the reception nor inside the removal area.




With the Unshaven technique, an actual FUE hair transplantation without shaving head, men and women do no longer have to shave their hair, neither in the extraction place nor within the recipient location (inside the case of thickening, no shortening of the prevailing hair or within the case of receding hairline surgical treatment, no trimming of the longer hair inside the place).


Two unique methods inside the UNSHAVEN technique


  1. The "Pretrimmed Unshaven FUE" approach, the extraction of pre-trimmed (pre-reduce) follicular devices and subsequent harvesting via FUE
  2. The "Direct Nonshaven FUE" approach, the simultaneous shortening and extraction of follicular gadgets


But, the fulfillment of this precise operation relies upon the equal essential parameters for the affected person for a suitable provider as in the search for a general hair practitioner for an FUE or FUT remedy – in precis:


It is beneficial to explicitly turn to skilled, renowned hair surgeons to preserve the risks as low as possible and benefit from the high-quality conditions for a successful remedy! The search for a brilliant issuer for a hair transplant without shaving isn't any exception in this respect!


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