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I enjoy being ME! there's nothing more important to me than my social life and my studies.

well, what can I say.... lol I dont know really what to say about myself without making it seem like I'm conceited. So, my best friend is gonna rant about me: (Amber)"she's sweet, she can make me laugh almost all the time when I am in a bad mood, she's a great person to talk to about anything, and she's cool but psycho so it evens out, and what I mean by psycho is that she's wild, and spontaneous, and does not care what others think of her, which makes her a lot of fun to be around. She's just... Cool. Why ELSE would I have her as meh bitch? (j/k, heeheehee) she be my best friend, so there!"

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ummm.... round, its an inny and it's pierced, and it looks like a belly-button

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''In order to achieve your goals, you must know that climbing over obsticles is the first step toward success''
- ''me'' Jamie Jo (original)


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