Ode To Dreamers

I dream
Because I believe
That there can
One day be
Something more
Something better
For our society
I dream
Because something
Just has to give
In this world
That we live
I dream to give hope
To the hopeless
Spark dreams in
The dreamless
Because what
The world truly needs
Is more dreamers
And free thinkers
Not less
More people
Who will
For themselves think
And follow their own dreams
Instead of just following
The masses blindly
And getting lost
In a society
That has lost
Far too much
Of its own humanity
To say the least already
I dream to try to find
The peace I seek
I dream because I know
That peace can be
I dream because I am
The dreamer and
The dreamer is me
I dream to keep
My mind and my soul free
I dream


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Rock solid strong optism

Rock solid strong optimism -- You inspire !!!