Try So Hard.

I try so hard

To help him through

But it's not so easy

What can I do?

I know nothing

Of his woes

His life, stress

Friends, and foes

But still I try

To make him happy

The only thing I want

Is for him to feel free

I'm losing all faith

Help isn't working

How sorry can you feel

When you cannot feel a thing?

Emotions I've lost

Long, long ago

I try to get them back

Just so he would know..

..I love him so.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

God I love him.

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skinnyjoe09's picture

i go through this all the time it seems every person i try to close to doesn't see the emotions i have for them they cant look in my eyes and see that id do anythin for them

bleeding_roses's picture

hey hu i love this poem so sweet AAAAAHHHHH i love you

Stacey Elza's picture

Amazing I know exactly what you mean. You try and help someone because you love them so much and sometimes it seems like whatever you do and I mean u could even sell your very soul, sometimes it seems like it doesn't make an impact.